• Trial Flights

    We can provide the flight training you require, from the basic NPPL/PPL to advanced Night and IMC ratings. You can start logging hours from just 14yrs of age!

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Get away from it all, above the clouds!

The Flying School at Halfpenny Green Airport is an individual flight training establishment and the longest established school based at the airfield. We pride ourselves on providing first class training by our friendly and very experienced flying instructors, and hopefully, provide a relaxing environment in which you are able to achieve your dream in gaining your Private Pilot’s Licence (PPL).

Young or old, you can learn to fly

It’s true that almost anyone can learn to fly, so if you have been thinking about it for a while but not done anything about it, have a chat with our instructors who will be only to happy to oblige and answer any questions that you may have without obligation.

If you do decide to take the plunge there is no upper age limit to obtain a licence and you can begin to log training hours from the age of just 14, you can also experience the thrill of your first solo flight at 16 years. A person must be fit enough to pass a medical examination before being allowed to fly solo.

Take the first step with a trial flight

The best way to begin is to take a trial lesson of either a half or one hour’s tuition with one of our instructors who will show you around the aircraft, brief you on the various controls and tell you about the basics of flying, you will then be strapped in and given a safety briefing before taking off and enjoying the stunning views around the South Staffordshire and Shropshire countryside. Under the personal guidance of your instructor you will take control and admire the scenery whilst piloting the aircraft.