What do you need to do to revalidate your PPL?


  • Undertake a proficiency check flight with an examiner

Or in the 12 months prior to the expiry date of your existing revalidation certificate:

  • Fly 12 hours (with 6 minimum as Pilot in Command, P1) with 12 take-offs and landings.
  • Complete a flight of at least one continual hour with a JAR instructor, who must sign off the flight as satisfactory.

What else needs to be done to complete the revalidation process?

An authorized examiner must sign the ratings page of your licence on presentation of your log book, licence and medical certificate, before expiry for revalidation by experience.

A form must be completed and signed by you and the examiner and sent to the CAA

Important: All of this must be done BEFORE the due date or your rating will lapse and your licence will become invalid. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure you remain valid.