The National Private Pilot’s (NPPL) Licence is much alike to the PPL but restricts a pilot to flying in UK airspace only. (See PPL details for more information)

Training involved in obtaining the NPPL licence includes a minimum of 32 hours flight training in which 10 hours must be solo, 22 hours of dual instruction including a minimum of 1 hour instrument appreciation training. Please bear in mind these figures are only CAA guidelines and duration of the course depends on the aptitude, weather and learning capability of the student. The medical requirement is also different in as much as much as a declaration of fitness from the applicant’s own general practitioner is all that is required.

The written exams are exactly the same as those for the JAA Private Pilots Licence.

When the pilot’s skill has met the required standard and all written exams have been passed it is necessary to take a skill test with a CAA approved examiner which confirms that the student has met the required standards of both skill and safety. The skill test is broken down into two separate sections, the first test is navigational and the second test is general handling.