IMC Rating

The IMC rating is an invaluable aid to all pilots providing the necessary understanding of navigational equipment fitted in most light aircraft giving a pilot confidence to explore the skies far and wide.

A pilot holding an Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating is able to fly under Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) as apposed to the Visual Flight Rules (VFR). This means in circumstances where a pilot is unable to fly visually, they are able to fly by reference to instruments.

It is important not to confuse IMC with IFR – IMC describes the actual weather conditions, while IFR describes the rules under which the aircraft is flying.

A pilot wishing to obtain an IMC rating must hold a valid PPL.

Training involved for the IMC rating includes amongst other exercises:

  • Straight and Level flight, turns, climbs and descents using instrument reference only
  • Partial panel – Straight and Level flight, turns, climbs and descents using limited instruments
  • Unusual attitudes and recovery using instrument reference only
  • VOR and NDB tracking
  • Non-precision approaches VOR/NDB
  • Precision ILS approaches
  • Missed approaches
  • 1 written exam (multi-choice)

The IMC rating is a minimum of 15 hours dual training and a flying test with an authorized examiner. Also a valid class 1 or class 2 medical is required along with a minimum of 10 hours pilot in command since holding a licence.

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